Plymouth Software Achieves Cyber Essentials Certification

As part of our ongoing commitment to data protection and digital security, Plymouth Software are proud to have achieved the UK Cyber Essentials… Continue reading →

14 December 2020 cybersecurity business

Celebrating 10 Years of Plymouth Software

Last month, Plymouth Software passed the 10 year milestone! The business was founded on 19 July 2010, originally launching with a web-based hosting… Continue reading →

25 August 2020 business milestone

Rails on Docker: Using an Entrypoint File in Your Containers

When using Docker to run your Rails apps in development, you might come across a leftover file in your app’s tmp/ folder. This file is… Continue reading →

28 August 2018 rails docker tutorial

Ruby on Rails: 5 Checks to Make Before Launching Your App

Launching your app into production is a huge step, and there are often lots of different things you need to set up to ensure not only that the… Continue reading →

12 March 2018 rails

Rails on Docker: Using Yarn to Manage Frontend Assets

Rails 5.1 introduced the front-end package manager Yarn into the standard tooling for new Rails projects. Yarn allows you to declare and manage your… Continue reading →

24 November 2017 rails tutorial docker

Rails on Docker: Using Docker Compose With Your Ruby on Rails Apps

Updates 3 December 2018: Use ruby:2.5-alpine Docker images, and replace links with depends_on in docker-compose.yml. In the Getting Started with… Continue reading →

9 September 2017 rails tutorial docker compose